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Sometimes the Phone is the Best Way to Meet Expectations

While the use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. can possibly lead to an initial contact, I find that my clients (and likely yours) are going to want to talk and meet with me before closing the deal.

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Video Marketing for Lawyers: What to Talk About

Whether you’re going to do your own video marketing or hire an experienced video marketing company to create video for you, this will help you learn what’s involved with the video marketing process.

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Embrace Your Inner Number Cruncher

Embracing your inner number cruncher helps you be the best lawyer and entrepreneur you can be.

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Innovative Lawyers: An Oxymoron or the Future of Our Profession?

Innovation is inevitable. So, what exactly does it mean to “innovate”?

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Dead2Me: Tradition

The traditional law school model is dead. The good news is that there’s no reason to cry at its funeral

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Welcome to the New Workflow

The skills that are the foundation of a successful practice of law haven’t changed, the environment in which lawyers practice has. Be smart; change with it.

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