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Missing App: Electronic Filing

In this time when everybody is so concerned with wasteful government spending, the fact that so much of our government’s operations are paper-based astounds me.

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Use Google Voice For Your Web Presence

Personally, I utilize a motley assortment of systems, depending in large part on whether I’m wearing my “lawyer” hat or my “author” hat.

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Save Money by Using Cloud and Mobile Tools in Your Law Practice

Selective use of affordable mobile and cloud computing tools can help jump start a newly-established cash-strapped small firm or serve as a stop gap measure for seasoned law offices when old systems die.

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Time Management with the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S may not offer anything practical in terms of redesigned hardware, the new platform and Siri Assistant interface has the potential to be a true time saver.

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Using your iPhone or iPad To Go Paperless

The iPhone and iPad have some fantastic, and very affordable tools, for going paperless

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