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Prepare for a Disaster: Free Yourself from a Desk

The key to disaster preparedness is reducing your dependance on a physical location. I built this law firm with the goal of freeing myself from a desk. As a side effect, I’m prepared for a disaster. Here’s how.

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The Essential Security Tool You Never Want to Use

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates over 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster, and at least 25% of the ones will close within 2 years. Before creating a plan, take four steps to build the framework that will make a plan possible.

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Doomsday Lawyer

Small firms will have to evolve new practice areas to stay relevant in a landscape where traditional legal skills may have no function and the most immediate goal is to survive and provide for loved ones.

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Preparing for Disaster, Before a Disaster

Regardless of where you live, disaster will strike. The question isn’t “when will disaster strike” but “am I ready?”

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Informed Consent: Your Clients and Data Security in the Cloud

So how can you implement and use secure communication tools, online client portals and online practice management platforms while protecting yourself from the confidentiality rules that govern such technologies?

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Website Security and the Modern Mote: Adding a 2nd Password to Your Login Directory

One mote seems like enough, but in this day and age, two motes is better. After experience a brute force attack on our website, we added a simple but effective one. You should do the same.

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Does Your Law Firm Need a ‘HIPAA’-type Policy?

The minute you transmit data through the Internet, you are sharing information with multiple parties besides your client. Knowing this, you have two goals you must achieve.

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Adding a Second Password to WordPress

By layering up your security, you force a hacker to pay detailed attention to your site individually.

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Risk and Outrunning The Bear

Your risk profile belongs in the strength column. You don’t need to be a daredevil; you just need to be more daring than your competition. You don’t need to outrun the bear; you just need to outrun the other camper.

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Protect Your Firm’s Most Valuable Resource

All other resources are replaceable and expendable, but a firm’s people must be protected. Here are four steps that can be taken by a small firm to ditch the risk to physical security.

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Password Managers Eliminate a Security Weakness

Short and easy to guess passwords are more of a security risk than any cloud service. Fortunately, with a solution like LastPass, you don’t have to remember 20 character alpha-numeric-symbol passwords.

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Ditch the Risk: Pass-Protecting Devices

I count my blessings it was just my nephew who opened my eyes beyond the hassle of typing in a code before I could access anything on my smartphone, and not a stranger who had found, or worse stolen, my smartphone.

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Webinar and #eBook: 3 Technology Tools for Virtual Law Firms

Webinar and corresponding eBook to help you launch your virtual law practice.

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Lawyer Snapshot: Brittany J. Pitcher

Learn how Brittany Pitchers utilizes reporting features of her cloud-based practice management platform to set billing targets, and see if she is spending her time wisely.

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Book Review: Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers

The biggest takeaways from this book can be found in Lesson 7 and Lesson 8.

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