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Every month on SFI our blogging team is given an interesting topic to write about related to running a smaller firm or solo practice. Below you will find our archive pages of past coverage for those monthly theme topics.

Current Monthly Theme: CLE Commentary

The Right Kind of MCLE

Many lawyers feel they have neither an efficient nor an effective way to learn how to build a better practice that better serves clients. But there are resources available online, through community colleges and other universities.

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Previous Monthly Themes

You Can Say “No” Without Saying “No, #@!%$”

I have also encountered the occasional client that believes that they need a “bulldog” on their side. These clients are prone to equate “polite” with “pushover” and this can be an issue.

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How to Turn a Frustrated Client into a Happy One

Close to half of Ruby Receptionists’ clients are lawyers, and over the years, we’ve found these strategies to work well in calming down and reassuring unhappy callers.

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Training Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Most of the folks I met at the Clio Cloud Conference truly seemed eager to embrace the changes to the legal profession that were talked about throughout the conference. I wish I could say the same about most American law schools!

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3-2-1 Are You Ready?

Is it perfect? Probably not, but isn’t it worth a measly $1 each month to know that you’re prepared for the next disaster?

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Informed Consent: Your Clients and Data Security in the Cloud

So how can you implement and use secure communication tools, online client portals and online practice management platforms while protecting yourself from the confidentiality rules that govern such technologies?

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Outsourcing: The Key to Practice Growth and Personal Sanity

There’s an opportunity cost to spending time on things that someone else can do better than I can: I lose the possibility of filling that time with things that only I can do.

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5 Terms I Wish You Would Stop Using

Lawyers eager to pick up on business-speak use buzzwords similarly to the marketing geniuses who came up with “green” bottled water. These are five you should reconsider using.

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Make Your Consultations More Like a Spa Experience

Inspired by a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, here are a few ways to change the consultation experience for potential clients and give them the warm welcoming that will make them want to come back.

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On the Books: Make Your Conversations Count

Fierce Conversations, by Susan Scott, holds the premise that our lives (professional and personal) succeed or fail one conversation at a time. “[I]f we lower the standards about how often we talk, what we talk about, and, most important, what degree of authenticity we bring to our conversations–it’s a slow and deadly slide.” Fierce Conversations will show you [&hellip

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5 Computer Spring Cleaning Tips

There’s regular maintenance, and then there’s cleaning up your hard drive space. Here are five tips to free up space on your hard drive.

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Short and Simple: Follow up!

Invest in relationships.. Followup with everyone, from A-list on down.

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Statistics and the Flat Fee Part 3: The Control Chart

In this last of this three part series, I walk you through the Control Chart, and how to use it in your law practice. At the end, try it for yourself, and let me know how it works for your law practice.

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Customer Service #Fail: Mis-Treating Office Guests

It was a few years before we realized we were missing an important touchpoint: the in-person office experience. So we developed our Greet, Seat and Treat method.

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From Doldrums to Doing Good

When the doldrums descend during these winter months, try these methods to help curb the disastrous mental collision course that follows.

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Achieving Goals with Your #Android Device

The “experts” in goal-keeping admonish us to set reasonable and attainable goals. With my Android device that means I tackle things on a daily basis while maintaining a watchful view on the total prize.

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A “Be Yourself” Law Firm Culture

I would argue that firms should embrace the personalities of both lawyers and staff for strategic decision-making, and create a culture of inclusion and getting employees in their ideal work setting.

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Where Do Old Lawyers Find Mentors?

Mentorships have value to new lawyers, but perhaps more so than young lawyers, older lawyers need mentors.

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Ask Your Best Employees Who to Hire

With so many factors that can go wrong in the hiring process, one of the best predictors for your hiring success is to tap into what you’ve done right in the past.

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What “The Law” Looks Like According to Stock Photo Websites

The results were very enlightening… I mean, where else could you find a happy legal team like this.

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Missing App: Translate Google Calendar Entry into Fee Entry in Time-Billing Program #Android

In my vision, the app would track incoming/outgoing phone calls, much like my favorite app, CallTrack, but also go further, allowing you to designate matters, clients, contacts, etc.

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3 Takeaways on Doing Your Own Taxes

It seemed like a reasonable decision, and I saved about $300 by not hiring a CPA. I filed online, had my refund in two weeks, noticed an error and filed an amended return. I thought that was the end of the story, until I received an audit notice nearly a year later.

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Smart Phone: Should Solos Go Mobile?

Over time, I have collected a number of advantages to list that argue for using a smartphone as your one business phone, or, less aggressively, as your primary business phone.

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Embrace Your Inner Number Cruncher

Embracing your inner number cruncher helps you be the best lawyer and entrepreneur you can be.

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Mobile Law Office iPad Apps

The key is analyzing your own practice and figuring out what makes the most sense to maximize mobility.

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Managing Time by Teaching Old Tools New Tricks

When it comes to time management, dictation is great not only for drafting documents (obviously), but also for delegating tasks to others. This is especially useful if you are on the move and do not want to lose thoughts on a project or assignment.

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Six Tips to Getting Started with a Paperless Office

What you want to know is how to get started – how to get there – how to successfully make the leap. Here are six tips to jumpstart your transition.

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Dead2Me: Tradition

The traditional law school model is dead. The good news is that there’s no reason to cry at its funeral

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Seek Clients’ Advice on Your Law Firm Tech

Get a sense of what kind of technology your clients want because that’s the technology that matters.

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Old Tricks Can Still Work

Some facets of old-fashioned marketing should not be discounted.

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Transitions: Don’t Be Afraid to Roll the Dice

I write this to offer a bit of courage to pursue and embrace transitions in your own career.

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My First Glimpse into the Future

Little did I know how soon that day would come and that I, not just my children, would get to use technology reminiscent of that used by the Star Trek crew

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