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How to Turn a Frustrated Client into a Happy One

Close to half of Ruby Receptionists’ clients are lawyers, and over the years, we’ve found these strategies to work well in calming down and reassuring unhappy callers.

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Communication Break Down: When to Write and When to Ring

You may automatically hit “reply” when a client emails you, but a phone call can sometimes be more effective. When should you pick up the phone?

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What are you Selling?

You may have all the fancy technology in the world or the most impressive office space, but if you cannot deliver the end result, who cares?

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How the Right Client Experience Can Make Clients For Life

Two lessons from my Linksys experience that, from the day you open your doors, will help you create an exceptional client experience and let these clients be evangelists for you and your services.

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Consistency in Customer Service

You can do things like everyone else, or you can customize it to your needs. It’s your business – run it however you want. The key is to be consistent, both as an individual and as a firm.

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Not Hammer Time

Knowing when to step back and tell clients they don’t have a legal problem, or that the available legal solutions won’t really help, is good customer service.

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3 Steps to Outstanding Customer Service

Three simple steps, called the Result Triangle, that can help you improve your customer service right now.

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Client Service as a Smile and a Handshake

Clients come to us in most instances because they have what is in their world is a huge challenge or problem, and a simple smile and a handshake can make a difference.

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When Saying “No” is the Best Customer Service

An up-front “sorry but no” is more appreciative than an over confident “yes, we can do this.” I appreciate honesty, and clients do as well.

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Car Mechanics and Lawyers. Who Needs Them?

I recently had my car serviced, which got me thinking about what I should be doing to maintain a client-centered approach in my solo law practice.

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