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This is Not an Invitation to Call Me at 5 AM

What keeps me ahead of the curve? I start the day early. I wake up by 5 AM, often before, including weekends. This gives me uninterrupted time to knock out major action items for the day and to plan the rest. I also do my best thinking at this time of the day. On the [&hellip

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Keep Up with the Clutter. You’ll Be Glad You Did.

If I remember to keep the clutter down, my practice runs more smoothly. Yours will to, so here are some tips to help you keep up with the clutter.

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Confessions of a Lawyer-Hoarder

A career decision led to an epic office-cleaning that brought me face-to-face with a very uncomfortable truth: I was a hoarder. How did I decide what truly needed to be handed over to my successor?

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From Doldrums to Doing Good

When the doldrums descend during these winter months, try these methods to help curb the disastrous mental collision course that follows.

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Sitting on a Problem

My response can’t be a full-on lifestyle change. I won’t stick with it. Change has to start slow, embedding new activities within my personal routines.

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Wearable Tech as Your Fitness Pal

Now that I have this little gadget in my pocket, I park a little further away to get in a few extra steps, or I park on the third level of the garage because getting back to the car gets me three extra flights of stairs climbed.

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Fitness and Personal Health: Game On!

We’re talking fitness and personal health this month. Me? I fell off the running wagon at the end of last year and haven’t had much success getting back on it. Problem: Didn’t buddy up. Solution: Clio Game On! Fitness Challenge.

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Don’t Give In to Stress – Manage It

Take a deep breath and see the real problem as fear of the unknown. Fear creates indecision and stress by preventing action. These three actions are essential to beat stress.

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Missing App: Electronic Filing

In this time when everybody is so concerned with wasteful government spending, the fact that so much of our government’s operations are paper-based astounds me.

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Goal #1 for 2012: Establish Goals for 2012

A large project is coming to a close, and because of that, I’ve struggled with setting long term goals. I turned to my old stand by for guidance, a web-based goal tracking tool that I used a few years ago and then abandoned: Lifetick.

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