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Outsourcing: The Key to Practice Growth and Personal Sanity

There’s an opportunity cost to spending time on things that someone else can do better than I can: I lose the possibility of filling that time with things that only I can do.

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Office Internet Goes Down. What Do You Do?

Much of my practice depends on email correspondence and accessing online records so no Internet dampens my day. Outsourcing my IT issues, and using cloud-based file backup and storage options, then, is money well spent.

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A Necessity for Travel and Flexibility

Can I travel internationally without staff, without closing down for the few weeks and not loose sleep over worrying about my business?

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For Law Firms and Lawyers, Outsourcing is “In”

The successful law practice benefits from outsourcing work that doesn’t require the lawyer’s immediate skill and personal attention.

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In Business and in Everyday Life: To Outsource or Insource?

Outsourcing in your business is just an extension of what you do every day in your personal life. We outsource all kinds of things either out of convenience, lack of knowledge or skills, or simply to save time.

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Outsource Competitive Parenting

I have nightmares about being trapped in a craft store drowning in a pit of pink glitter surrounded by pipe cleaners just out of reach. Then after second grade, I figured out the secret.

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Freelance Lawyers: Your Ace in the Hole for Projects Large and Small

Many lawyers don’t realize that freelance lawyers can help with small projects like the ones mentioned in this post, as well as large projects like appeals and dispositive motions.

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Outsourcing the Small Stuff

I looked up the definition of “outsource,” and determined that I actually do outsource stuff. More than I thought. You?

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Lawyers Must Understand How Cloud Computing Vendors Provide Services

Cloud computing is the future for most businesses, law firms included. Understand it so you are prepared to ask the right questions of your provider.

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