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Ask Your Best Employees Who to Hire

With so many factors that can go wrong in the hiring process, one of the best predictors for your hiring success is to tap into what you’ve done right in the past.

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Opportunity: What is Working LinkedIN Group

A LinkedIN group, in partnership with the Huffington Post, that is a useful resource for solo and small firm lawyers #hiring for the first time or again due to an expanding practice.

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The First Five Minutes

With the next few people you interview, see if this has any bearing.

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Clio and an Expanding Virtual Practice

I knew that I had to not only look for someone who could deal with the ‘red tape’ of the federal government but also navigate through a case management system that had to tie in medical providers, government offices, and clients from around the country.

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Successful Hiring Strategy: A Narrow Craigslist Ad

I prefer personal references or reaching out to students or junior lawyers whose blog posts or tweets catch my attention online. But when those don’t pan out, I’ve returned to Craigslist with reasonable success by following the approach described in this post.

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Who to Hire, Who to Keep

Using the steps and practices outlined in this post should make a hiring “do-over” unnecessary.

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Successful Hiring Strategy: Let Them Come to You

And each time, I’ve gotten the benefit of hard working, proactive and social-media savvy students eager to learn.

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Theme: Successful Hiring Strategies

Whether you are a solo and small law firm, at some point you will need some help. Receptionist. Legal assistant. Office manager. Another lawyer to expand a practice area. So this month, we’re taking a look at successful hiring strategies.

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Cover Bands Don’t Change the World

Next time you are making a decision about how to run your law practice/business — think about whether you can do it better than the standard way lawyers usually would do it.

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Dead2Me: Face Time

A concept that now, as a business owner, I have intentionally decided to throw under the bus.

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