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Short and Simple: Hire an Accountant

Between the second set of eyes and the gained productivity, hiring an accountant was a great decision.

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Statistics and the Flat Fee Part 3: The Control Chart

In this last of this three part series, I walk you through the Control Chart, and how to use it in your law practice. At the end, try it for yourself, and let me know how it works for your law practice.

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Statistics and the Flat Fee Part 2: The Numbers

This is the second part of this three part series. Today, I am going to show you how to setup your Individual Control Chart to help establish a baseline for process improvement for your law firm.

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Statistics and the Flat Fee Part 1: The Theory

Law firms can improve processes, just like any other business. However, there is no industry baseline by which to measure process improvements, so to account for wide variations, we need an Individual Control Chart. Let me explain.

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Missing App: Instant Pricing

What kind of information would an Instant Pricing App need in order to generate reliable results for you and your clients?

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3 Takeaways on Doing Your Own Taxes

It seemed like a reasonable decision, and I saved about $300 by not hiring a CPA. I filed online, had my refund in two weeks, noticed an error and filed an amended return. I thought that was the end of the story, until I received an audit notice nearly a year later.

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#startupfirm Snap Shot: Hire An Accountant or DIY?

Results from the question: do you do your own taxes?

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Do Your Lawyer Work — Not Your Taxes

Simple. The amount of fees you make by doing existing work or developing new clients instead of doing your taxes will exceed what you’ll spend on tax professionals.

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My Tax Advice? Hire a CPA.

How often do we as lawyers say, “You should consult with a lawyer…” regarding even a ‘simple’ legal matter like a basic will? we should follow our own advice and seek out a learned, licensed, professional: a CPA.

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Six Things You Can Do in the Next 30 Days to Save Money on Legal Research

Some action items that will save you money on legal research

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