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What Are The Tech Giants Doing In The FISA Court? Part 3: Users and “Narrowly Tailored” Arguments

The final instalment of this 3-part series takes a look at users and how that impacts “narrowly tailored” arguments set forth by the government.

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What Are The Tech Giants Doing In The FISA Court? Part 2: The Fight for Transparency

On the surface, the Internet companies and the government appear to be in agreement on making aggregated data available. In Part 2, we go beneath the surface.

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TCPA Proof of Consent: It’s Only Just Begun

The question staring compliance officers in the face is whether staying parked in the non-compliance zone a risk worth taking.

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What Are The Tech Giants Doing In The FISA Court? Part 1: Background

First in a three part series on FISC, FISA, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo!

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Training Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Most of the folks I met at the Clio Cloud Conference truly seemed eager to embrace the changes to the legal profession that were talked about throughout the conference. I wish I could say the same about most American law schools!

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Time Out for Clio’s Apple in Law Offices Survey 2013 #MILOfest

Take Clio’s Apple in Law Offices Survey and enter for a chance to win an iPhone 5s or one of 2 iPad Mini’s!

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Informed Consent: Your Clients and Data Security in the Cloud

So how can you implement and use secure communication tools, online client portals and online practice management platforms while protecting yourself from the confidentiality rules that govern such technologies?

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Webinar and #eBook: 3 Technology Tools for Virtual Law Firms

Webinar and corresponding eBook to help you launch your virtual law practice.

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Book Review: Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers

The biggest takeaways from this book can be found in Lesson 7 and Lesson 8.

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Outsourcing: The Key to Practice Growth and Personal Sanity

There’s an opportunity cost to spending time on things that someone else can do better than I can: I lose the possibility of filling that time with things that only I can do.

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