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About Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews is the President and Founder of Stem Legal Web Enterprises, a web development, publishing and strategy company for the legal profession. He has worked with law firms of all sizes for more than 15 years, been an editorial board member for the ABA’s Law Practice magazine, and co-founded the award-winning group blog Slaw.

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Posts by Steve

CPD Needs an Internal Component Too

Have you considered the role your law firm plays in transferring knowledge from one lawyer to the next? I have four suggestions on how to get started.

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Adding a Second Password to WordPress

By layering up your security, you force a hacker to pay detailed attention to your site individually.

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Thought Leadership has Become Little More Than Jargon

In 2007 I figured that the key to being judged by others as a thought leader would be one’s ability to produce a constant flow of intellectual contributions. It didn’t work out that way.

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Filter and Color Code Client Emails

Here’s my ‘KISS’ tip (“100 words or less”) for May’s monthly theme.

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Spring Cleaning Your Firm Website

Seven important law firm website content areas that need some spring cleaning.

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Sitting on a Problem

My response can’t be a full-on lifestyle change. I won’t stick with it. Change has to start slow, embedding new activities within my personal routines.

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Ask Your Best Employees Who to Hire

With so many factors that can go wrong in the hiring process, one of the best predictors for your hiring success is to tap into what you’ve done right in the past.

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What “The Law” Looks Like According to Stock Photo Websites

The results were very enlightening… I mean, where else could you find a happy legal team like this.

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Missing App: Household Monitoring

I’d like something smarter, interactive, and maybe even a little proactive, to simplify the process.

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Dead2Me: Face Time

A concept that now, as a business owner, I have intentionally decided to throw under the bus.

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