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About Russell Alexander

Russell Alexander's practice focuses on family law. He enjoys litigation and helping clients solve their problems. When he is not practicing law, Russ enjoys spending his time with his family skiing, snowboarding, playing hockey on the backyard rink, golfing and boating.

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Posts by Russell

Looking for Disaster Preparedness? Head for the Cloud

We have multiple offices. Our original plan was to have on server in each location, and have the servers mirror each other. Being paperless, disaster and loss of data would be significant. We needed a new plan.

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Website Security and the Modern Mote: Adding a 2nd Password to Your Login Directory

One mote seems like enough, but in this day and age, two motes is better. After experience a brute force attack on our website, we added a simple but effective one. You should do the same.

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The App Missing From My Practice: Online Client Scheduling

I always thought it was neat how restaurants in major urban centres use open table software to schedule lunch and dinner reservations. A similar app for lawyers would be great.

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What Do Clients Want? Say My Name

At the end of the day, clients like to be listened to and like to hear you say their name.

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Something Old, Something New

Remember the days when your fridge was covered in magnets? Well this old school marketing approach never really died. It just evolved.

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Moving from file carts to paper(less)

This was a fundamental transition for my firm

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