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About Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson is an Online Marketing Champion at Ruby Receptionists. Harkening back to an era when every call to an office was answered by a friendly receptionist, Ruby Receptionists provides personalized live, virtual receptionist service for attorneys and small businesses throughout North America. For more information about Ruby Receptionists, visit

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Posts by Katie

How to Turn a Frustrated Client into a Happy One

Close to half of Ruby Receptionists’ clients are lawyers, and over the years, we’ve found these strategies to work well in calming down and reassuring unhappy callers.

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No Soap Required: Clean Up Your Language

As an attorney, you know that words matter; every word your client says (or doesn’t say)and the way your phrase your briefs can directly influence the outcome of your case. But even words said in passing can leave an impression! Phone calls with clients, emails, in-person meetings – your diction during any interaction with a client [&hellip

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3 Alternatives to Publishing your Cell Phone Number

If you’d like to work off your cell but need to keep your personal and professional numbers discrete, you have options.

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