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About Joseph Bahgat

Drawing on his personal and professional experience, Joe Bahgat advises clients in matters relating to intellectual property licensing and contract negotiation, drafting, and litigation; trademark and copyright protection; and Internet and privacy law.

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Posts by Joseph

3-2-1 Are You Ready?

Is it perfect? Probably not, but isn’t it worth a measly $1 each month to know that you’re prepared for the next disaster?

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5 Computer Spring Cleaning Tips

There’s regular maintenance, and then there’s cleaning up your hard drive space. Here are five tips to free up space on your hard drive.

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10 Regular Mac Maintenance Tips

You can perform regular maintenance on your Mac, which will help keep it, and your practice, running smoothly.

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Four Things I Learned from Hurricane #Sandy

Irene came around about a year after I’d taken my law practice paperless. Fast forward about 14 months to #Sandy, and over the past few days I’ve learned a lot.

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5 Ways To Manage, Meet & Exceed Client Expectations

A five-item cheat cheat sheet to managing, meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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Missing App: Two-Factor Authentication

You use two-factor authentication anytime you use your bank’s ATM, because you can’t get access to your account unless you have both your ATM card, and your PIN. So why not have a similar system in place to safeguard our most sensitive personal information?

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Missing App: Road Warrior Hotel TV Remote #ABATECHSHOW

Why is there no app to save me from having to listen to the hotel’s smoking policy at 100db?

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3 Takeaways on Doing Your Own Taxes

It seemed like a reasonable decision, and I saved about $300 by not hiring a CPA. I filed online, had my refund in two weeks, noticed an error and filed an amended return. I thought that was the end of the story, until I received an audit notice nearly a year later.

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Using eFax Systems like MyFax

When you send a fax from your email account, you’re giving up the added security gained by sending a fax—because there’s no encryption between your email server and the fax server.

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