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About Evan Guthrie

Evan Guthrie is an attorney and founder of Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, SC. He practices estate planning, probate, personal injury, and divorce and family law. He is involved in the South Carolina Young Lawyers Division and writes and contributes to many sources on the web.

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Posts by Evan

While You Are There: Make The Most Of A CLE

Whether you are obligated to do so or attend by choice, here are four ways to get the most out of your CLEs.

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Be The Bigger Lawyer

Three tips on dealing with, or not participating in, lawyer aggression.

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Doomsday Lawyer

Small firms will have to evolve new practice areas to stay relevant in a landscape where traditional legal skills may have no function and the most immediate goal is to survive and provide for loved ones.

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Protect Your Firm’s Most Valuable Resource

All other resources are replaceable and expendable, but a firm’s people must be protected. Here are four steps that can be taken by a small firm to ditch the risk to physical security.

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Outsourcing Drama

Drama in a law firm setting can be traced to two sources: Internal and External. Here’s how to outsource them.

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The Four-Hour Lawyer

Inspired by Tim Ferriss, I implemented a lifestyle of DEAL. One of the most practical applications for DEAL in the life of a lawyer is the way email can be managed.

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