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About Doug Edmunds

Doug Edmunds has served as Assistant Dean for IT at the UNC School of Law since 2007, following a long tenure at UNC's School of Education. In 2011, Doug led Carolina Law's clinical program bravely into the cloud with a major implementation of Clio. He is a three-time IT award winner at the university, widely respected by his peers and recognized for his excellent leadership. Doug enjoys working collaboratively with people on developing solutions to their IT-related needs. He prides himself on being a strong communicator and skilled facilitator for large, complex team-based initiatives, as technology projects so often are. His primary areas of interest include technology as a pedagogical tool; web and mobile application development; virtual infrastructure; and cloud computing.

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Training Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Most of the folks I met at the Clio Cloud Conference truly seemed eager to embrace the changes to the legal profession that were talked about throughout the conference. I wish I could say the same about most American law schools!

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