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Carolyn Elefant, creator of, is the founder and principal attorney with the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant (LOCE) in Washington D.C. that focuses on energy regulatory matters with heavy emphasis on FERC practice and policy, emerging renewables, appeals and select federal litigation matters.

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Posts by Carolyn

The New Normal

If we’re truly committed to building a sustainable new normal rather than simply creating an empty catch phrase, we ought to start figuring out who’s going to serve our clients in the years ahead, after the thought leaders and futurists have left the building.

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Justice as Jargon: How Access To Justice Went from Aspirational to Asinine

I don’t begrudge these new entrepre-lawrial ventures. But’s let’s call them what they really are.

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Lawyers Finally Realizing Importance of Social Media…But Is It Too Little, Too Late?

While I’m glad that lawyers are finally realizing that they’re behind the curve, my concern is that they won’t take the time to use social media so that they can understand it firsthand.

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Are Virtual Law Firms Gaining Traction?

The good news is that consumers have the ability to access lawyers. The flip side is that there’s no way to determine whether the advice offered is accurate or relevant. I predict…

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Where Do Old Lawyers Find Mentors?

Mentorships have value to new lawyers, but perhaps more so than young lawyers, older lawyers need mentors.

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Formalizing the Mentorship Relationship

Could lawyers use the Mentor Shares Agreement to establish a relationship with a mentor?

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For Solo and Small Firm Lawyers, Big Data Presents Big Opportunities…and Big Challenges

Before we solo and small firm lawyers give a big cheer for big data, let’s make sure that we use it to address the biggest challenges in the legal profession: improving the quality of legal services delivered and expanding meaningful access to justice.

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Successful Hiring Strategy: A Narrow Craigslist Ad

I prefer personal references or reaching out to students or junior lawyers whose blog posts or tweets catch my attention online. But when those don’t pan out, I’ve returned to Craigslist with reasonable success by following the approach described in this post.

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Successful Hiring Strategy: Let Them Come to You

And each time, I’ve gotten the benefit of hard working, proactive and social-media savvy students eager to learn.

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What Law School Can Change: Make It Easy for All Employers — Not Just Biglaw — to Hire Your Students!

Make it easy for your students to hustle by letting real practicing lawyers access them easily. Not a massive change, but one that I guarantee will help a few more nonetheless.

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