Small Firm Innovation Community, and What to Know About Google+ Communities

I confess I’ve had difficulty writing this post. There are just so many cool things about Google+ Communities! I joined a bunch before creating the Small Firm Innovation community, and drew some comparisons between them and Facebook Groups. I’m finding I prefer Google+ Communities over Facebook Groups for the following reasons:

  • Management of conversations
  • Hangouts
  • Engagement

A problem I’ve found with Facebook Groups, as both a moderator and participant, is managing content and conversations. You post to a Facebook Group, and it pushes everything down until someone else comments. Long threads are especially cumbersome, which is sad because there is often really good information buried in them. The notifications are of some help, but require another step.

Google+ Communities has addressed this issue in two ways. The first is its Categories function, which helps sort content for easy reference and interaction. For example, Small Firm Innovation has a FYI Category that contains posts like new IRS verification requirements for credit cards. So you can just check a particular Category instead of scrolling through every post. That’s a time saver. The second way is the notification settings. While I was initially annoyed as it flooded my inbox, I’ve found the notifications make it easy to stay on top of threads. I don’t even have to open Google+ to respond, I can do so from Gmail.

I’m incredibly pleased that Google has made Hangouts a part of Google+ Communities. While we’ve become accustomed to communicating by any written means, it’s nice to  pick up the phone and even better to talk face-to-face. With Hangouts, Communities can talk face-to-face, and not be limited to just written communication.

Engagement is one of those “buzz words,” I know, but there is still a lot of talk of Google+ being a ghost town. It is anything but, and Google+ Communities is an excellent example of how engaged people are on Google+, and how new arrivals also jump into conversations. I’ve found new people through Google+ Communities that I probably wouldn’t consider or know to look for otherwise. They’re smart, funny and willing to share information. Engagement, then, is just another word for networking.

And that’s really the beauty of Google+ Communities: networking.

So add some Google+ Communities to your network. Start with the obvious, like the Small Firm Innovation community, Cloud Computing for Lawyers and SoloSmallTech, and move on to some so obvious ones like Identity and Reputation in a Digital World and The G+ Resource and even one more general, like Cloud Computing and Entrepreneurs  Self-Employed & Small Business.

You’ll broaden your network, your knowledge and as you interact, you’ll help your search engine results, too.

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