Reflecting on 2012 Goals

This month’s theme is about reflecting on your 2012 goals. I was about to write how I didn’t set any goals for 2012, but that moment of hesitation caused me to do a search of Small Firm Innovation for “goals.” Low and behold, at the end of my January post, I listed some goals. Specifically, I said:

New place. New city. New people. I have to build my social network from scratch. Tracking the growth of my network will done through activities in which I participate. Joining a running club, for example. A recreational league basketball team. Getting involved with Social Media Club Vancouver.

Now it’s time to take stock and see how I did.

I didn’t join a running club, in fact I  fell off the running wagon by the third quarter. I did join a recreational basketball league but scheduling was crazy. There were a number of moving snafus and general adjustment issues that made for bad timing. I did attend a couple Social Media Club Vancouver events, but I found them a little underwhelming as I’m more used to Social Media Club Chicago gatherings. Bigger city, bigger group. However, there has been a bigger rush of #startups in #vancouver the last few months, so it might be worth checking it out again.

By those measures, then, I didn’t achieve any goals. Except that isn’t the case. I have actually built the foundation of my social network in Vancouver.

I joined a softball team a workmate put together with some of his non-work friends, and those relationships have blossomed over the course of the year. I completely left my comfort zone of joining teams with people I know by joining a Vancouver Dodgeball League team. Yes, dodgeball! A rather big deal in Vancouver, I discovered, and full of fun, outgoing, friendly people. And I’m sure it won’t surprise any of you that I got myself on a team through the VDL Facebook group.

New place. New city. New people. Reflecting on 2012, it has been the Year of New Experiences. I achieved a broader goal than I originally expected.

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