Ask Yourself Two Questions

When reviewing past performance and planning for the future, we tend to use “the year” as a benchmark. It provides for nice bookends to demonstrate progress on goals. Of course, as I am writing this, we only have 10 days left in existence (according to the Mayans), or even less by the time you read this. So, you can decide whether planning is relevant at this time or not.

If you are looking ahead to next year, there are two core questions to ask yourself upon reviewing goals:

  1. What did I learn over the past year?
  2. How will I apply that new knowledge to improve my practice going forward?

Basic yes, but find the answers to those questions and you will actually move the needle towards progress. I mean really answer the questions to expose your weaknesses. Soul-searching kind of thoughts — not “am I more productive on the regular iPad or the iPad mini?” type of answers.

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