#Android track at #ABATECHSHOW 2013?

I know! I know! It’s only December. ABA TECHSHOW is already promoting its conference app, and look what I found!

A tab for Android, suggesting an Android-specific track for ABA TECHSHOW 2013. A whole track! Potentially. At the moment there is one session scheduled for Saturday, but it is only December.

Excitement aside, it is rather interesting that Android is listed, let alone being considered for its own track. Clio’s Apple in Law Offices Survey showed gains for Android among lawyers, but Apple still dominates. The iPhone, and iPad, are still the preferred devices. There seems to be a shift occurring, though.

There is now choice. Law firms no longer need to be “all Mac” or “all PC.” Or a mix of Mac or PC. Law firms can be mixed, from Macs to PCs to Android devices and even Blackberry smart phones.

One can argue it is becoming less about the device or operating system, and more about simply getting work done from anywhere. So you may prefer to use an iMac at the office, yet use an Android-based smart phone. Or perhaps let your kids play on the iPad while you do work on an Android-powered tablet.

Just as you can build your law firm to fit your lifestyle, you can mix and match your technology to suit your law firm, and your lifestyle.


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