What Does Your Conference Room Say About You?

Does it show that you care about your clients? When they step foot into your office, do they see a trustworthy, prepared attorney? Before you get a chance to do one hour of billable work, do your clients have faith that you’re a competent lawyer?

Whether your clients are filing for divorce, inking an important business transaction, or crafting a will, they are often coming to you in a time of stress. They are putting their trust in you, most likely without much legal knowledge at all. Will they care about where in your class you graduated 20 years ago? Maybe. Will each interaction they have with your firm influence how they see you? Absolutely. The experience you create can win – or lose – clients.

At my company, Ruby Receptionists, we consistently create remarkable customer experiences, and I was delighted to share our approach as a presenter at MILOfest. We talked about how touchpoints can have a big impact on how clients see your firm, and I wanted to share three tips you can apply to your practice to make a great impression:

1. Define your brand.

Are you a traditional suit-and-tie attorney? An innovative lawyer on the cutting-edge of legal technology? Family-values-oriented counsel? Hone in on what you stand for and what you’d like to communicate to your clients first.

2. Identify all of your client touchpoints.

A touchpoint is any interaction your client has with your firm that could make an impression. There are dozens of touchpoints; take your conference room for example. Does it anticipate your clients’ needs, reassuring them that you’re prepared and care about their wellbeing?

How you answer your phone is another touchpoint. Is your receptionist friendly, patient, and willing to go above and beyond for clients, in keeping with your compassionate, responsive brand?

And what about your billing statements? If your invoices are unpredictable or error-ridden, it can undo all your trust-building.

3. Create systems for each touchpoint.

Once you have a list, determining processes for each touchpoint will ensure a consistent experience.These systems could be as basic as a checklist to a more in-depth section of your employee training.

When you’ve addressed each touchpoint, every client will have a fantastic impression of your brand.Best of all, they will show their appreciation by telling their friends and sending you even more business.

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