A Lawyer on Every Smartphone

Make it easy for potential clients to find your practice on their iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. In a previous post, I reviewed why lawyers need a mobile version of their website.

Simply put: a mobile site is a version of your standard website that has been scaled down for optimal viewing on a smaller screen. Though screen size of mobile devices is on the rise, it is still smaller than that of your laptop or desktop. And as many mobile devices are also touch screens, the interactive experience is also different. All of these are important when you consider that:

  • Mobile device users are highly motivated: They are looking for specific information, and if you deliver it effectively, they act on it quickly.
  • Mobile device users are sophisticated: Research has shown that income and education level increase with Internet and mobile device usage.
  • Mobile device users are connected: They know their way around technology and expect your firm to be able to do the same.

Smartphone users represent a valuable market for law firms and attorneys.

Is your website optimized for smartphone users? What have you found to be most effective for your mobile website?

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