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The Right Kind of MCLE

Many lawyers feel they have neither an efficient nor an effective way to learn how to build a better practice that better serves clients. But there are resources available online, through community colleges and other universities.

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CPD Needs an Internal Component Too

Have you considered the role your law firm plays in transferring knowledge from one lawyer to the next? I have four suggestions on how to get started.

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While You Are There: Make The Most Of A CLE

Whether you are obligated to do so or attend by choice, here are four ways to get the most out of your CLEs.

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You Can Say “No” Without Saying “No, #@!%$”

I have also encountered the occasional client that believes that they need a “bulldog” on their side. These clients are prone to equate “polite” with “pushover” and this can be an issue.

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How to Turn a Frustrated Client into a Happy One

Close to half of Ruby Receptionists’ clients are lawyers, and over the years, we’ve found these strategies to work well in calming down and reassuring unhappy callers.

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Be The Bigger Lawyer

Three tips on dealing with, or not participating in, lawyer aggression.

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Achieving Civility Means Managing Relationships

We can stand forthright to advocate our client’s interest and position, yet still be civil. The law cannot be a profession unless we ourselves maintain professionalism.

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What Are The Tech Giants Doing In The FISA Court? Part 3: Users and “Narrowly Tailored” Arguments

The final instalment of this 3-part series takes a look at users and how that impacts “narrowly tailored” arguments set forth by the government.

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What Are The Tech Giants Doing In The FISA Court? Part 2: The Fight for Transparency

On the surface, the Internet companies and the government appear to be in agreement on making aggregated data available. In Part 2, we go beneath the surface.

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TCPA Proof of Consent: It’s Only Just Begun

The question staring compliance officers in the face is whether staying parked in the non-compliance zone a risk worth taking.

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What Are The Tech Giants Doing In The FISA Court? Part 1: Background

First in a three part series on FISC, FISA, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo!

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Training Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Most of the folks I met at the Clio Cloud Conference truly seemed eager to embrace the changes to the legal profession that were talked about throughout the conference. I wish I could say the same about most American law schools!

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3-2-1 Are You Ready?

Is it perfect? Probably not, but isn’t it worth a measly $1 each month to know that you’re prepared for the next disaster?

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Time Out for Clio’s Apple in Law Offices Survey 2013 #MILOfest

Take Clio’s Apple in Law Offices Survey and enter for a chance to win an iPhone 5s or one of 2 iPad Mini’s!

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Looking for Disaster Preparedness? Head for the Cloud

We have multiple offices. Our original plan was to have on server in each location, and have the servers mirror each other. Being paperless, disaster and loss of data would be significant. We needed a new plan.

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